Our School Policies

Filename Size Date
Acceptable use Policy incl security of information E-safe... 413.6KB 23/10/2023
Accessibility Plan.pdf 166.8KB 23/10/2023
Admissions Policy.pdf 951.0KB 05/12/2023
Anti-Bullying-Policy.pdf 1.4MB 23/10/2023
Attendance Policy.pdf 176.1KB 23/10/2023
Behaviour Discipline Policy.pdf 197.2KB 04/12/2023
Breaktime Snacks.pdf 186.8KB 23/10/2023
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf (1) 211.0KB 05/12/2023
Complaints Policy and Procedure.pdf 384.7KB 23/10/2023
Early Years Foundation Stage Policy.pdf 307.9KB 04/12/2023
Equality Objectives.pdf 192.9KB 04/12/2023
Equality Policy.pdf 291.5KB 04/12/2023
Fire Policy.pdf 481.3KB 23/10/2023
GDPR Policy.pdf 182.1KB 04/12/2023
Health and Safety.pdf 343.7KB 05/12/2023
Instrument Of Government Policy.pdf 32.4KB 05/12/2023
KCSiE Safer Recruitment Policy.pdf 253.2KB 05/12/2023
LAC Policy.pdf 213.7KB 05/12/2023
Mobile Phone Policy.pdf 130.9KB 05/12/2023
Privacy Notice for parents and carers.pdf 350.6KB 05/12/2023
Religious Education Policy.pdf 174.3KB 05/12/2023
Remote Learning Policy.pdf 201.5KB 05/12/2023
RSE Policy.pdf 165.8KB 05/12/2023
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.pdf 984.0KB 05/12/2023
Safer-Schools policy.pdf 237.1KB 05/12/2023
Unreasonable Complainants policy.pdf 202.7KB 05/12/2023