School Mentors and Mediation Service

Sometimes children fall out. Here at our school we support year 6 pupils as mediators.

The year 6 pupils have to attend a week’s training programme to be able to undertake this role. They have to be committed to solving others’ problems.

Remember we are not looking for who is right we are looking for an agreement.


  • The two conflicting parties sit with a pair of mediators and discuss their differences in a safe environment.
  • The mediators are guided by set questions to help the discussion and help the quarrelling pupils find solutions to their conflict.
  • Once the two parties agree, they sign a contract that outlines what each will do to solve the problem.
  • The problem is logged in a record book for staff to check.
  • All mediators are confident in their role, they know what they can deal with and they know what to pass on to a member of staff.