We have facilities to house bicycles and scooters and encourage as many pupils as possible to use these to further reduce congestion around the school.

The roads around school become very congested at the beginning and end of the day, and this poses a serious danger to our children entering and leaving school. Please help us to keep your children safe by being extra vigilant around the school site and being aware of the amount of traffic on the roads.
 If you are using your car to bring your child to and from school, please do not bring your car into the school car park or park on the zig-zag lines near the school gates, or park in Ashbrook Crescent. Some parking is available at the Leisure Centre at the beginning and end of the school day, but please ensure you park in allocated spaces and not on the roadway. It is also helpful if parents can implement a one-way system when driving down Churchill Road by entering from Shrewsbury Road and leaving via Essex Road. Please always be sensitive to the needs of local residents.

Free School Transport

Generally, pupils are entitled to free school transport if they attend the nearest or catchment area school to their home address yet it is still over 2 miles away. This is measured by the nearest available route (shortest walking distance).

You can find out more about whether you qualify and how to apply for free school transport on the Shropshire Council Website. (Please see links below.)


School Transport

School Transport Safety Leaflet