Who are we?

The Friends, simply, are your PTA. We are a group of volunteers who organise events to raise money for additional resources for the school with the purpose of enriching the children's’ educational experience.

Who can join?

As the parent, carer or extended family member of a child at school, we already consider you a member of Friends. To become a volunteer all you have to do is get in touch and let us know that you are interested in helping out. It doesn’t have to be much and it doesn’t have to be regular. Just let us know what you can do and you will be made very welcome.

How can I help?

Events throughout the year are varied and require help planning and also on the day. We know ourselves how busy life gets and appreciate that not everyone can help at every event, but if you can give a couple of hours at an event you will be making a huge difference. We also need fresh ideas and thoughts at our meetings where events are decided and spending is agreed on. If you can’t help at events but have a particular skill then get in touch as you may still be able to help – can you design and print posters? Can you make and donate craft items or raffle prizes? Can you offer a professional skill that may help Friends?

How often and where do you meet?

We try to keep meetings to a minimum but each event will need a planning meeting and a shorter meeting closer to the day with those involved. We also have our AGM once a year. Meetings alternate between mornings either in school or at a café, and evenings at a local pub, to try and allow as many people to attend and are always informal and relaxed.

What have Friends paid for?

On average our events raise a total of £7,500 profit for the school each year. We work closely with the school to decide where your hard-earned funds will be spent. We try to focus on projects that directly improve the enjoyment of school life for the children. Suggestions for spending can be made by anyone including parents, school council and teachers/TAs. Each idea is discussed with the Head and then at a Friends meeting where it will be voted on. Recent projects have included: New musical instruments, Larry the Axolotl, new cookers for cookery club, revamp of the garden area, a school camera, football posts, the football table, basketball hoop, the clamber stack and Forest School training for Mrs Bollom. We also like to pay for guest speakers to come into school to inspire the children, these have included Talk on The Wild Side, Amy Hughes and the Planetarium. We have an ongoing commitment to Year 6 and in your child’s final year at St Lawrence and we pay for their leavers' T-Shirt and also an end of term night out.

Current Committee

Chair:     Kelly Wells
Treasurer:  Caroline Salisbury
Secretary:    Becky Mackenzie